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John Weber learned Silver Smithing in the early 1970's, while attending Colorado State University, from a jeweler and rock shop owner in Fort Collins, Colorado. After making several pieces of jewelry for family and friends, John realized he had a knack designing and fabricating sliver and turquoise jewelry.

After moving back to Southern California to attend California State University Long Beach, John began creating one of a kind Silver jewelry for various jewelry retailers. His work incorporated Turquoise, Opal, Coral, Ivory, Jet, Ironwood and other precious and semi-precious materials. His unique designs and one-of-a-kind pieces were considered works of art as much as they were jewelry. After graduating CSULB, John worked full time as a Silversmith and made some of his most amazing pieces during this time. Sadly, photos of some of his most impressive works have been lost over time.

John eventually opened his own retail store in 1980, selling not only his own unique jewelry but all types of Native American arts and crafts. As the silver and turquoise market began to fade out, John was forced to close his store. John joined the Riverside County Probation Department in 1983, where he worked as a Deputy Probation Officer for 26 years, before retiring in 2009.

After retiring, John met his present wife, Ruth and they married in 2011. Inspired by his wife's musical career, John began writing and producing songs. John writes songs in any genre that inspires him, from Comedy, to Country, to Rap, to Irish Folk and Pub songs. He says, “The lyrics flow from me like water but music, not so much. I love to create lyrics that make people laugh or think, and sometimes both in the same song.” John feels creating music for his lyrics is much more difficult but he strives to develop his musical abilities.

In 2019, John resumed designing and fabricating one of a kind jewelry, slowly building up an inventory to present to the public.

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